The Reef Eye Locals Discount

The Reef Eye Locals Discount

Everyone loves a discount and why not have some fun as well?

One of our biggest priorities is to get more locals to enjoy the beautiful Esplanade so we think you should do that, but in style!

The incredible 360 degree views of Cairns is just beginning on board The Reef Eye.

At 35m high, this brand-new, state of art beautifully elegant Ferris Wheel with fully enclosed gondolas is an activity not to miss…and if you’re a local, you could get a ride for free!*

Locals Discount Includes

Adult and Children tickets

Save $1 off your ride (adult and child) with proof of residency

Full Gondola

$54 for a full gondola with proof of residency

Be the first to know about our events

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Is there an age restriction on the wheel?

People of all ages (even babies) can ride The Reef Eye

How long will we have to wait to ride The Reef Eye?

Most of the time, there will only be a very short wait to ride on The Reef Eye, around 5-8 minutes. On weekends, school holidays and other special events, the wait til may increase.

How long does the ride go for?

Each ride last approximately 5-7 minutes.

When is The Reef Eye open?

The Reef Eye is open from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week from 25th June 2022.

Where is The Reef Eye?

The Reef Eye Ferris wheel is located on the Western Lawn of the Cairns Esplanade, right next to the lagoon.

What does it cost to ride The Reef Eye?

Go to the pricing link to see the current pricing or click here

Is The Reef Eye wheelchair accessible?

We are now wheelchair accessible, and staff are happy to assist when needed.

Can I buy gift vouchers for The Reef Eye?

You can purchase tickets in advance to use as gift vouchers clicking on Book Now

Can I take a pram/stroller on The Reef Eye?

There is a place in front of the ride near the ticket box where prams can be left while you enjoy the ride and are available for easy collection when the ride finishes.


General Enquiries

Please fill out the form and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly

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